Stone Building at Dondra

                             This building which is in the midst of a thick jungle at Dondra, according to tradition was constructed by evil spirits under the direction of Galgane Unnanse, who it is asserted had maintained an almost unbounded authority over them. The form of the structure is square, and it is built entirely of large slabs of grantie neatly cut and fitted. The priest had the power of investing these spirits with the human form and he caused them so to appear before him, and receive his orders with regard to the building. Implicit obedience was required to his commands, and the least hesitation was visited with the severest punishments that his capricious and cruel heart could devise.

                  On one occasion being offended with his unearthly servants and intending to gratify his anger the priest ordered them to carry on their shoulders a very slippery king of wood which notwithstanding their Ariel nature the spirits found no easy matter to carry for no sooner was it raised than it slipped off. Finding their task too severe and dreading the rage of their task-master they resolved on destroying him. But unluckily they discovered that this was as difficult a matter, for the first attempt they made with sanguine hopes of success to destroy him while asleep was proved unsuccessful. They found however, means to place some combustible under his bed; but while in the act of setting fire to them, he awoke. Their next attempt proved equally failure for whilst carrying the sleeping priest in his bed for the purpose of drowning him in the sea, he was roused by the jolting of the bed and commanded them instantly to take him back to his house. To his inquiries as to what they were going to do with him, they told him feeling a desire to show him Mohament’s tomb and which he had expressed a wish to see they intended to take him there. Perseverance like theirs was not however destined to meet with disappointment a favorite of the reigning king of Kandy , a princess of great beauty having gone mad, and being to use a spiritual phrase “possessed of devils” the cleverest necromancers of the day were desired by the power of their art to cast them out of her which it was an easy matter for them to do. Their first business when the spirits were thus ejected was to declare to the king that his favorite was held in thralldom by them in obedience to the direction of the priest. The king was as might be expected greatly enraged at this, and immediately ordered the priest to be brought before him. The priest the slightest hesitation obeyed his sovereign’s commands by setting out for Kandy- whilst on his way to the palace, being tired and weary, he rested a while under a shade of a tree in a small village; and rising to lizard, which the priest interpreted to refer to some evil to himself, also predicted that those would the last cries of the lizard in that part of the country ( which is said to be the fact.) Arriving at Kandy he hastened to the King’s presence, who without any enquiry into the matter commanded the priest to be beheaded.


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